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Are Burgers the New Hotcakes at IHOP?

By Captivate - Jun 25, 2018

IHOP flipped its “P” on its head last week when it announced it was changing its name to IHOb leaving everyone to question—what does the “b” stand for. After days of speculation the company announced it stood for burgers. So why would a company that has built its entire, 60-year-old brand on delicious hotcakes make such a drastic change? 

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Captivate Launches as Los Angeles' Newest PR and Marketing Firm

By Captivate - Oct 10, 2017

When we were noodling over launching Captivate, the question we asked ourselves—many times and in many ways—was this one: Does the world really need another consumer-product and services public relations and marketing agency? And while the word “need” is relative, we believe there is always room in the marketplace for fresh, creative and captivating ideas. 

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