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Becoming the Kobe Bryant of Barbecue

By Captivate - Oct 11, 2017

We have immense admiration for “students of their crafts.” Irrespective of avocation or profession, passion (which we said you’d hear a lot about from Captivate) is a common denominator and genuine game-changer distinguishing the truly great from those who are just good.  

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Captivate Launches as Los Angeles' Newest PR and Marketing Firm

By Captivate - Oct 10, 2017

When we were noodling over launching Captivate, the question we asked ourselves—many times and in many ways—was this one: Does the world really need another consumer-product and services public relations and marketing agency? And while the word “need” is relative, we believe there is always room in the marketplace for fresh, creative and captivating ideas. 

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