Captivate Launches as Los Angeles' Newest PR and Marketing Firm

By Captivate - Tuesday, October 10, 2017
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When we were noodling over launching Captivate, the question we asked ourselves—many times and in many ways—was this one: Does the world really need another consumer-product and services public relations and marketing agency? And while the word “need” is relative, we believe there is always room in the marketplace for fresh, creative and captivating ideas.

We also believe in the fundamental free-enterprise principle of competition. Simply put, “more” (as in alternatives) is good. “More” challenges the provider to innovate and problem-solve to compete successfully in the marketplace. “More” offers greater options to the buyers.

Captivate was incubated by FoleyFreisleben LLC (FolFry), a respected, award-winning corporate and financial communications, business-to-business marketing and social responsibility PR firm. Our partners at FolFry see that there is often a vast chasm between corporate reputation and brand/product/services marketing. This reputational void comes at great expense to enterprise value. For-profit or nonprofit organizations need to speak with a unified voice and seamlessly integrate the institutional and product messages.

Rather than dilute focus from its core areas of practice, FolFry instead decided to build a new agency from the ground up—with the same scrappy, entrepreneurial spirit—but a management team, culture and vibe all its own. When it makes sense to work together, we will—and to the benefit of our clients not ourselves.

So what to expect from Captivate? Here’s fuel for thought:

  • Only the agency is new. Our professional team has an enviable depth and breadth of experience. We build client teams that have relevant expertise and ability to deliver best-in-category services.
  • Absence of hierarchy. We’re organizationally flat. Accounts will be served by senior-level professionals who deliver on-time, on-budget execution against mutually agreed program goals.
  • Custom-tailored solutions. Every program is made-to-measure to address clients’ specific needs—never formulaic or cookie-cutter. And, most of all, we love to deliver the Big Idea, a break-out concept that engages and influences stakeholders.
  • Passion. It’s a word you’ll hear a lot from us. Our clients have it and we do, too—about our profession, the sectors we serve and the work we produce.

Our name and tag line sum up the agency’s mission: Illuminate, Elevate, Captivate. We intend to do just that…and have some fun along the way, too. We hope you’ll join us for the journey. Prepare to be captivated.


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About Captivate Public Relations & Marketing

Captivate Public Relations & Marketing is a multifaceted agency that offers a 360-degree approach to creating consumer-centric, client-driven solutions in the product and services categories. The Captivate team believes that in order to excite the consumer, we must be as passionate as our clients about their brands, products, and services. Our comprehensive approach to integrated marketing allows our clients to select from services that range from strategic planning and branding to event management, digital marketing campaigns, media relations, and more. We strive to bring authenticity and creativity to every project, and coupled with senior level expertise and long-term strategic relationships with the media, influencers, and tastemakers, we craft inspired, tailored solutions to align brands with the right audiences to support our clients’ goals.

The firm is a partner agency of FoleyFreisleben LLC (

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